6 Movies Teachers Should Show in Class

6 Movies That Teachers Should Show in Class



  1. Where the Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Things Are is a good movie to watch in an elementary classroom. This movie is also a book. The class could read the book then watch the movie and compare them to each other. Where the Wild Things Are is a good way to get children’s minds thinking. This will also help with them learning how to compare and contrast.


  1. Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward would be a good movie to watch in a high school or middle school classroom. In this movie a teacher asks his students to think of a way that they can change the world. One boy comes up with doing three things that help people and then having each of those people do the same thing and so on. This movie may not go directly along with what is being taught in the classroom but it is a movie that has a good lesson behind it. After watching the movie, ask the class what they could do that would change the world or ask them to pay it forward.


  1. The Patriot


The Patriot is a very good movie to show to a high school history class. This movie is about a man who joins the American side in the Revolutionary War. The Patriot portrays in an accurate way how people were being treated at this time by the British.

  1. Super-Size Me


Super-Size Me would be a good movie to show in an upper elementary class, middle school, or high school class. This movie is about a man who eats only McDonalds for 30 days. Watching this movie it shows what happens to his body throughout the movie. Super-Size Me promotes healthy eating habits. If you teach this movie in a health class it is a good representation of what unhealthy food can do to your body.


  1. Hoot


Hoot is a movie that would work well in an elementary science classroom. This movie is about a group of kids that help to save an endangered owl. When teaching your students about endangered species, they can watch this to show how with a little help from people these animals can be saved. Also Hoot is a book, so in the English class they could read the book and compare the book and movie.


  1. A Girl Like Her


A Girl Like Her is a good movie to watch in a high school class. Please be aware, however, that there is some mature content in this movie.  Bullying is a big issue that happens in schools that needs to be addressed. Many students don’t know how serious bullying is. This movie depicts bullying in a way that will make you feel things you have never felt before. This movie is in the eyes of a girl who is bullied and the eyes of a witness to her bullying. A Girl Like Her shows students that bullying is not something that should be happening and also what can result from bullying.


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