Teach For America

                Teach for America is an organization that takes college graduates from top schools to teach across the country. The schools that they teach in are low income schools that need help with their students. These graduates have to serve in a school for at least two years. The goal of the organization is to cause long-term or short-term effects on students to help them put forth their full potential. These students that are in these lower income schools need the extra help and support to get to their full potential. To be one of the teachers, you do not have to be a certified teacher to apply. The summer before you are put into a school to teach, there is extensive training. In my opinion, this organization is something that is good for the 52 low income communities that they support. I believe this because every student should have an equal opportunity to be successful. These students need the extra support to have a better chance to be as successful as students that go to a higher income school. Overall, teach for America has more than 900 teachers, 100 union leaders, and 250 school system leaders. If they hire these new teachers the college graduates may not be as experienced in teaching as much as other teachers. The positive of this is they have the training with students and they have a better chance of connecting with the students on a personal level. In my opinion, teachers should be connecting with their students on a personal level like these teachers.



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