meMad Chad is a chainsaw juggler. His real name is Chad Taylor and he is from Santa Monica, California. On September 15th, 2016, I watched Mad Chad perform is juggling. He is a very funny guy and makes a joke out of just about everything. When he came out on stage he was very energetic and had the crowd engaged right away. He had the audience be really dramatic so he could redo the entrance for a video to put on social media. Mad Chad left the stage and re-entered to the audience more excited about him at SUNY Plattsburgh. Then Mad Chad began his first act, juggling three tennis balls and a hat. When he made a mistake he just laughed it off and made a joke. Some of his other juggling acts had a story that went with them. I do not want to spoil the story for anyone but it is a very funny story which keep the audience entertained with his act. Mad Chad had a few different dangerous acts. The first was juggling Tasers. During this, a girl in the front row decided that she was going to move because she did not want to get hit by them if Mad Chad happened to make a mistake. When he was juggling the Tasers, the audience was engaged. I was getting a little scared that he was going to hit himself with a Tasers. After the Tasers, Mad Chad asked the audience what he should juggle along with both a ten pound ball and an egg. The audience had chosen a chair for him to juggle. When he was juggling the chair it took him a second to figure out how to do it but he did. Mad Chad then decided that he was going to juggle three of the ten pound balls. Being such a jokester he hit himself in the head with one to see how we would all react to it. Then for the main event he juggled chainsaws but this had scared me so much but in the end it was awesome to see. Everyone in the audience enjoyed Mad Chad. I have to say if I ever get the chance to see him again i will definitely do it.

At the end of the show, I had a chance to talk to Chad. He let me take a picture with him. There were so many laughs. I would personally recommend anyone who gets the chance to see Mad Chad live does it. Do not just watch the videos that people post of his shows because they do not give you the full effect of seeing him live on stage. Also, if you see him live he might choose you to help him with some of his tricks. A few people from the audience were able to help him get on a unicycle. There was also a person that got to risk their lives to show the audience that the knives were sharp. I would not recommend bringing a little kid to this show because it may scare them. Any child eight and up would be appropriate. If you ever have the chance to see Mad Chad, do it because it is not something you will regret seeing.


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