6 Movies Teachers Should Show in Class

6 Movies That Teachers Should Show in Class



  1. Where the Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Things Are is a good movie to watch in an elementary classroom. This movie is also a book. The class could read the book then watch the movie and compare them to each other. Where the Wild Things Are is a good way to get children’s minds thinking. This will also help with them learning how to compare and contrast.


  1. Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward would be a good movie to watch in a high school or middle school classroom. In this movie a teacher asks his students to think of a way that they can change the world. One boy comes up with doing three things that help people and then having each of those people do the same thing and so on. This movie may not go directly along with what is being taught in the classroom but it is a movie that has a good lesson behind it. After watching the movie, ask the class what they could do that would change the world or ask them to pay it forward.


  1. The Patriot


The Patriot is a very good movie to show to a high school history class. This movie is about a man who joins the American side in the Revolutionary War. The Patriot portrays in an accurate way how people were being treated at this time by the British.

  1. Super-Size Me


Super-Size Me would be a good movie to show in an upper elementary class, middle school, or high school class. This movie is about a man who eats only McDonalds for 30 days. Watching this movie it shows what happens to his body throughout the movie. Super-Size Me promotes healthy eating habits. If you teach this movie in a health class it is a good representation of what unhealthy food can do to your body.


  1. Hoot


Hoot is a movie that would work well in an elementary science classroom. This movie is about a group of kids that help to save an endangered owl. When teaching your students about endangered species, they can watch this to show how with a little help from people these animals can be saved. Also Hoot is a book, so in the English class they could read the book and compare the book and movie.


  1. A Girl Like Her


A Girl Like Her is a good movie to watch in a high school class. Please be aware, however, that there is some mature content in this movie.  Bullying is a big issue that happens in schools that needs to be addressed. Many students don’t know how serious bullying is. This movie depicts bullying in a way that will make you feel things you have never felt before. This movie is in the eyes of a girl who is bullied and the eyes of a witness to her bullying. A Girl Like Her shows students that bullying is not something that should be happening and also what can result from bullying.



I interviewed Vaughn Bernard for this blog post. The reason that I chose him is because he was home schooled most of his educational career. He was home schooled starting at the beginning of his third grade year. As a person who is studying to be a teacher it is important for me to inform other future teachers of children who have been home schooled and are starting school or of children who are home schooled that they know. In this interview you will learn what it was like to be home schooled and then transition to college.

      1. Why did you become a home school student?


“My mom wanted to home school me since I was born, but my dad took a while to convince. I started homeschooling in 3rd grade.”


      2. What was it like to be home  schooled?


“It was nice being able to sleep in pretty much as late as I wanted. Being home schooled worked really well, I feel, until I started learning stuff that my mom did not know well, like upper-level high school science and math.”


      3.How did your typical school day look?


“I would wake up at around ten o’clock, then walk to the classroom in my house and start school with mom. We would do the work that we could do together, then I would do my independent work, which was mostly quizzes and videos to watch. Then I would be done around two, assuming I started at ten. Sometimes I would sleep in until around noon and finish around four.”


4. If you could go back to when you were in third grade and could choose to stay in school or be home schooled what would you choose and why?


“I would definitely choose to be home schooled like I was. I really enjoyed being home schooled.”


5. What did you do when you were home schooled as extracurricular activities?


“I was part of an FLL robotics team. I also played soccer while I was younger.”


6. If you could change one thing about being home schooled what would it be?


“I would probably use something different for the higher-level high school subjects; I don’t feel like I retained much past Trigonometry for math, even though I made it to Calculus 2. I have no idea what I would do instead, though.”


       7. What was it like for you when you started college?


“The transition was much easier for me than everyone thought it would be. The hardest part was being introverted and trying to make friends.”


      8. When you have kids yourself would you send them to public school or home school them and why?


“I would like them to be home schooled probably up until high school, then I would let them choose.”


Teach For America

                Teach for America is an organization that takes college graduates from top schools to teach across the country. The schools that they teach in are low income schools that need help with their students. These graduates have to serve in a school for at least two years. The goal of the organization is to cause long-term or short-term effects on students to help them put forth their full potential. These students that are in these lower income schools need the extra help and support to get to their full potential. To be one of the teachers, you do not have to be a certified teacher to apply. The summer before you are put into a school to teach, there is extensive training. In my opinion, this organization is something that is good for the 52 low income communities that they support. I believe this because every student should have an equal opportunity to be successful. These students need the extra support to have a better chance to be as successful as students that go to a higher income school. Overall, teach for America has more than 900 teachers, 100 union leaders, and 250 school system leaders. If they hire these new teachers the college graduates may not be as experienced in teaching as much as other teachers. The positive of this is they have the training with students and they have a better chance of connecting with the students on a personal level. In my opinion, teachers should be connecting with their students on a personal level like these teachers.